Our RPO is tailored, flexible, scalable and suitable for a host of recruitment needs
to help you win talent share cost-efficiently while meeting business demand.

Full-Cycle RPO

Fulfill recurring recruitment need by assigning
our resources to complement your team.

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Project Based RPO

Resolve hiring peaks by utilizing our cost-efficient
resources for periodic recruitment spikes.

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On-Demand RPO

Easily secure talent for limited open positions with
our highly structured and rigorous process.

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On-Demand Sourcing

Grow your passive talent pool with our resources
to help you focus on screening and selection.

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Elevate Your Performance

We drive RPO innovation and agility forward, you reap the significant benefits

A result is only as good as the process that yields it.
Our unique process and frameworks are a product
of not only experienced recruiters but also of
analysts experienced in driving operational
excellence to ensure you get measureable
and consistent results.

Rigorous Process Drives you consistent results.

Reliance on commissioned based agency recruiters
is very costly with no empirical evidence of results.

Our RPO is structured to ensure we align to your
long-term interests. We partner with you to
achieve your long-term business goals while
driving you significant cost-savings.

Reduced Cost-per-Hire Results in no more high commissions.

An improved Talent Acquisition capability reduces
obstacles to meeting hiring manager demands.

As a strategic partner we aim to solve your
problems by identifying and resolving
capacity constraints hampering your
ability to fill crucial open positions.

Reduced Time-to-Hire Results in faster talent sourcing.

Derive more clarity from your Talent Acquisition
and make informed decisions with our analytics.

As an optional service we can sync to your data
and structure customized dashboards around
KPIs that are integral to achieving your Talent
Acquisition strategy and business goals.

Cloud Based Analytics Results in more informed decisions.

Rigorous Process

We focus on process excellence,
that will yield you consistent results.

Reduced Cost-per-Hire

Reduced reliance on agencies,
results in significant cost-savings.

Reduced Time-to-Hire

Our flexible solutions give you the
capacity to source talent faster.

Our Process

Our unique framework was designed with simplicity in mind to offer flexibility but also
sufficient standardization that yields you tailored and consistent results.


During this stage we will evaluate your current Talent Acquisition strategy and conduct a careful evaluation of those
vacancies we will have responsibility over. Our evaluation includes comparative benchmarking by analyzing historical
metrics and analyzing competitors across similar dimensions. We will also evaluate your organization's culture by
surveying and interviewing your hiring managers, HR team and other team members that are likely to interact with
candidates to ensure we can establish a good future fit.


During this stage we will leverage our learnings from the Assess stage to make high-level recommendations to
improve your sourcing strategy, if necessary. We will also agree on which specific recruitment workflows will
be outsourced to our team as well as to agree on the specific protocol to be followed for each workflow.
We will also train your hiring managers on our interviewing methods to ensure that we are fully
aligned and fully integrated into your internal processes.


During this stage we will deploy the virtual recruitment team that we assembled and manage on your behalf and
commence the Knowledge Transfer process. We will train our team on the agreed upon recruitment workflows
to be outsourced and ensure that proper protocol and structure is established to increase the probability
of consistent results and efficiency as we kick-off the recruitment cycle for your open positions.


During this stage we optimize your job posts to increase the probability of being found by major search engines and
also start to identify relevant Talent Pools using contemporary sourcing methods to build a pipeline of talent that
fits your specific criteria. We will engage prospective candidates via social media and also offer you the option
of assigning you an online Talent Community that we create and coordinate on your behalf.


During this stage we will screen your candidates using a host of mediums including phone and video interviews using
our proprietary methods to surface candidates who stand the best chance of being a strong fit. We will also
facilitate a variety of optional behavioral and competency driven candidate assessments as well as
background and reference checks during this stage to ensure candidates are thoroughly vetted.


During this stage we will take what we learned from the candidates and rank them before presenting them to your
hiring managers for review. Depending on your service level we may also have multiple rounds of interviews
involving multiple team members to assign a more robust score that incorporates different view points.


During this stage we will present our shortlist to your hiring managers and start to focus on ensuring that we are
communicating with both your team and candidates to ensure an expedient and complete on-site evaluation
of candidates by your own recruitment team and hiring mangers.


During this stage we will work with your hiring managers, HR team and candidates to ensure that we schedule a mutually
convenient time for the on-site interviews to begin so that your on-site team can evaluate first hand and have final
approval of the candidates we shortlisted on your behalf.


During this stage we will be involved in the offer management process by analyzing market data to ensure that your
offer is competitive, we will extend that offer to the final candidate and will assist with ensuring that potential
hurdle points are identified and resolved early on so as to increase the probability of a successful close.


During this stage we will work with your team to assist with the enrollment process and will also conduct a
'Welcoming' session for the candidates who are to on-board your organization while ensuring they are
apprised of any next steps. We will conclude our process with a 30-day follow-up with the
newly hired candidate and your team to ensure mutual satisfaction.

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