Paying tens of thousands to fill just a few vacancies?

Outdated and inefficient delivery models are ripe for disruption. Our highly structured,
rigorous, linear and cost-efficient On-Demand RPO deploys a 4-step process – Source,
Screen, Score and Shortlist® – that disrupts the old contingency and retained search
delivery models. The results? A skillfully vetted shortlist that fits your precise
criteria delivered to you at steep cost-savings without sacrificing quality.

If you find yourself occasionally turning to agency recruiters to plug periodic gaps in your
recruitment team’s ability to secure top talent for a few open positions then our
On-Demand RPO is the alternative solution you’ve been looking for.

We’ll immediately assign your requirements to our highly trained team of recruiters who
follow our rigorous sourcing and screening methods to ensure you receive a strong
shortlist of fully vetted candidates interested in your company.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Avoid quality issues systemic to contingency search
  • Ability to quickly plug hiring gaps cost-efficiently
  • Use of our 4-step process to ensure quality hires
  • Fully trained recruiters assigned to your search
  • Significant savings over agency recruiters

Supplant old delivery models, benefit from our innovation

Restricted budgets make it harder than ever to justify use of costly delivery models that provide no true
competitive advantage. The old paradigm of contingency and retained search along with its high costs,
unverifiable process and lacking empirical results reflects an outdated delivery model.

If you’re ready to try a highly structured and new paradigm that disrupts the old while ushering a new
mode of thinking and recruitment, along with a quality shortlist and steep cost-savings, then consider
our innovative On-Demand RPO as it’s designed to align to your interests, not ours.

Let us help you to build a great team, at the right cost!