Want to increase your pool of passive job seekers?

Searching for that unicorn of a candidate likely means your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is
combing through a deluge of profiles mostly from active job seekers. But those underlying
algorithms that power your ATS are still imperfect likely resulting in wasted hours better
spent on passive search as well as on your screening and selection activities.

If your Talent Acquisition team is buried under an avalanche of active job seekers, hampering
your ability to perform passive searches to find better matches then our On-Demand
Sourcing allows you to focus on screening and selection, not sourcing activities.

Using our rigorous sourcing methods we’ll assign you a trained and fully managed resource
to search for passive candidate profiles that fit your exacting criteria, reach out to those
candidates to confirm potential interest and send you the corresponding results.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Significant cost-savings over assigning internal HR resources
  • Lessen partial-cycle capacity constraints cost-efficiently
  • Increased ability to focus on screening and selection
  • Use of our highly rigorous sourcing method
  • Increased pool of passive job seekers
  • Fully trained sourcers to assist you

We’ll focus on passive talent pools to get you better results

Our attention spans as well as our time is finite. As such focusing your efforts leads to better
results and by cost-efficiently augmenting your abilities to independently source passive
talent you free yourself to focus on more important recruitment activities while ensuring
you retain complete control over your screening and selection activities.

If you’re ready to give your team the resources it needs to ensure it focuses its limited time
on screening and selecting the right potential passive candidates then our cost-efficient
On-Demanding Sourcing would be a great way to increase your passive talent pool.

Let us help you to focus on passive talent pools for better results!