Tired of cyclical and costly hiring spikes?

Cyclical hiring spikes whether due to expansion plans or booming growth or less than accurate hiring
forecasts can leave your Talent Acquisition function strained. When facing such hiring storms you
may fall back to what’s known and reassuring – costly contingency and retained search.

If you currently face periodic hiring spikes and are looking for cost-efficient alternatives to source the
quality talent you need without setting your organization back hundreds of thousands of dollars for
a few dozen open positions then our Project Based RPO is the right solution for you.

We’ll assemble a team of sourcers and recruiters that can be readily engaged and disengaged to
resolve your recruitment team’s short-term hiring spikes as needed. Our resources are fully
managed and trained by us to complement and help your team win top talent.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Ability to engage and disengage resources to fit hiring demands
  • Customizable process that delivers immediate results
  • Dedicated, managed and fully trained resources
  • Use of our 8-step process to ensure quality hires
  • Significant savings over agency recruiters
  • Resolve periodic hiring spikes
  • Reduce Cost-per-Hire
  • Reduce Time-to-Hire

We’re a strategic partner in winning you talent

Fierce competition for a finite talent pool calls for a new set of agile tools to secure talent
quickly and cost-efficiently. It also calls for a need to align these tools to your Talent
Acquisition strategy and business goals. Extending your internal Talent Acquisition
team is implausible given pressing hiring need and resorting to agency
recruiters reflects an outdated and costly service delivery model.

Our Project Based RPO offers you the agility you need by ensuring that you’re assigned
scalable resources in a timely and cost-efficient manner that also align to your
strategic and business goals.

Let us partner with you to navigate hiring storms while helping you win top talent!